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The intent of our program is to provide schools one more tool to minimize the potential of dangerous contraband on school property. K.I.D.S. realizes that no single program is the panacea to this complex  real issue of substance abuse and gang related activities. K.I.D.S. has a highly qualified management staff with over fifty (50) years of combined experience. The owners and management staff of our organization were carefully selected  with the purpose of providing our clientele with the best possible service in all facets of this vital and sensitive program.

K.I.D.S. will provide the initial presentations to the community, staff, and board members at no charge to the district with a signed annual agreement. In some instances, this also applies to student demonstrations. These thorough and positive presentations are essential when communicating and establishing the intent and procedures of this program. The inspections are performed on an unannounced basis to protect the integrity of the program. However, K.I.D.S. realizes that some unavoidable circumstances arise which may conflict with the unexpected arrival of a canine team. Therefore, in the event K.I.D.S. can reschedule the visit with a neighboring district, there will be no additional charge to the district. Inspections are under the authority of each site administrator. K.I.D.S. excludes the use of their canines to "sniff" individuals under any circumstance(s). K.I.D.S. also refrains from discriminating against a single locker, vehicle, etc...

With our highly trained personnel and canines, your district will find our standard of quality to be unprecedented. K.I.D.S. has consultants with extensive backgrounds enabling us to provide education on topics such as drug awareness, substance abuse, gangs and prevention. This will complements the overall objective of assuring a safe and healthy learning environment both on and off school grounds. 

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